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Mindfully Prepared • Joyfully Served • Nourishingly Delightful

Chiak, which is Hokkien for ‘Eat’, pays homage to local homestyle flavours that have been embraced by generations. We serve cherished classics that taste like the comfort food you know and love.

Keeping true to the tradition and heritage of local favourites, Chiak celebrates the community’s love for local Singaporean favourites. Crafted with love, our menu boasts personal renditions of familiar favourites. Craving authentic flavours? Come revisit cherished memories of your favourite local delights!


We bring every fibre of passion into all that we do. All of our dishes, handcrafted pastries and cakes are prepared with premium ingredients, and time-honoured recipes as a loving ode to Singapore’s heritage - these soulful signature dishes resonate with any food lover.

Choose from warm noodles, hearty rice and salad bowls filled with melt-in-your-mouth savoury meats and fresh vegetable sides. Or sink your teeth into our classic Pandan Kaya and Butter Toast - to be enjoyed with a divine cup of Kopi.

We believe the perfect meal is best served with a side of sweet, delightful desserts. End off your meal with our best-selling pastries and cakes including Pandan Ogura Cake and Tahini Vanilla Roll, tasteful additions to our remarkably authentic menu.





Come and                   with us.

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